Lighting Beirut Architecture

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Video reel

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The Hurt Locker. Best picture of the year captured by a Lebanese camera.

The movie is   a total lock down of intense nail biting suspense. With 6 academy award trophies including best cinematography and best picture, the best news we received was that the breath-taken special effects scenes  in the movie were shot using a high speed Lebanese  camera(phantom), operated by a  Lebanese, Mr. Doury Aon.

Most of the movie was shot in Jordan. Director of photography Barry Ackroyd wanted a close focus on the explosions and mainly the   decimating derby. To achieve such a scene they had to rely slow things down to an extreme frame pare second ratio (up to 50 000 frames pare second), keeping in mind that the slow motion had a real purpose for the story. The only way this could be done was  by  using a super high speed digital camera , and the only one in the region was in the possession of a  Lebanese production house (PLATFORM STUDIOS, based in Beirut).

The cost of this camera  extends beyond the physical material, as in 2005 the owner( founder of PLATFORM STUDIOS) was wondering through foreign labs for one and a half month in New York, London, Germany, and Amsterdam – delving for High End Chips in 7 research labs while testing the High Speed Sensors they offered, to get the best image quality possible. After all the travelling & researching, we can say that the total cost of the Camera extends to $200,000

The camera got it’s full power investment through the Hollywood blockbuster production and capture something very solid to show, so did the talented crew behind it. Dory Aon Camera and Electrical Department, and the people from PLATFORM STUDIOS in collaboration with other production houses in the region were able to bring a bombarding  story in  the best picture possible. We are very proud to point at the marks they have made in Hollywoold.

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Downtown Beirut

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From Fashion TV Arabia office in down town, the view is mostly roof tops of the surrounding buildings, except for the raising sky line of west Beirut. In the evening the sun hides behind this elevated construction site on its way down, giving it a silhouette effect , and all together creating a dreamy, dramatic urban scene .

I enjoy so much capturing the mood, which have become my routine evening break.

All Photos are taken with a Nikon D80 SLR.

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